It seems I have succeeded in taking over my forerunners position. The people of Lamoux have more or less accepted that the previous Madam d’Bough had taught me all she knew and wished that I took over her position. These people don’t care as long as they have a superstition to believe in and someone to guide them through their days. Someone to help them with the tough decisions. Someone to confide in. I have become that person. I have already convinced the head of police to free my love. He walks from his cells today. Straight here. I have made more money in this one week than I would have in a whole year in my old life. At this rate i will be richer than my sister by the end of the month. My sister. The only one who tried to stop me. I will use my power to put a stop to her soap. I will force her to become a beggar. Broken and down-trodden. I will make her come to me and beg for my forgiveness. She does not know what is in store for her. and no amount of soap will save her.


The strangest of occurrences just occurred. I was in the church. Searching. From top to bottom. From bell tower to cellar for Jean. But he has gone. The imbecile has finally run into the streets. Gone to, no doubt, cause some sort of havoc in some poor souls life. Good riddance. I was suspicious that he was sending word to Padre Daniel about my comings and goings. I will simply find another to replace him. One who I can shape to be my own right hand man. A smart man. Not some fool like Jean. No sooner had i thought these thoughts when there was a figure at the end of the pews. I looked harder. It was the bar maid from the cafe on the Rue d’Bloome. The one who had my son. I looked at her. She looked at me. She said my name. I couldn’t remember hers. I simply asked where my son was. She, with the venom of a thousand snakes on her tongue, told me she could no longer care for him. She wanted money to send him to school. to give the boy an education. I laughed. This was not going to happen. But then I thought. The child could fill in Jeans role. I told the woman. In place of school, why not give him a life in the church? a place by Saint Gideon at all times? I told her I needed a new hand there at the church as the seventh son had disappeared. It could lead the boy to bigger and better things. She laughed. She said that role had to be filled by a seventh son. This was not mentioning that he would always be by my side. She cared too much for the boy to allow my poison to seep into his innocence. I told her I was in the church now. I had found God. been Redeemed. She looked at me. She knew me. She said she knew that there would be a cellar full of gold and treasures that I would have stolen. And she wanted some to send our boy to school. I considered killing her. then and there. Im sure she was thinking the same about me. Then the boy ran up. He was sitting on one of the pews and I hadn’t noticed him. he ran up to his mother and said that he believed in his father’s faith. he said he wanted to do this. His mother looked down. She knew it was perfect for the boy. If only it wasn’t me here. I told his mother that I would just tell everyone he is my seventh son. For all I know he probably is. His mother looked straight into my eyes. she told me that if I hurt his body or harmed his mind and most importantly if any love for vice should pass down from father to son. She would cut out my heart and shove it down my throat. I told her that was fine. I told her I would look after him like he was my own son. With this she hugged the boy. Gave me the evil eye and left the house of God.


I have left the gates of the church. Into Lamoux’s night I take my liberated feet. I first stopped at the old cemetery to run my hands over the stones and grass that my love would jump and lie on. I found a pink thread which I wrapped tight around my index finger. It grew red, thick and shuddered with the trapped blood. I played with the thread while I walked. Leaving the cemetery gates I found myself on the streets cobblestones that lead past the dark mans apartment. There was no guitar being strummed this night so I know he is not there. I think about what I will do to him. In the bible the Eunuchs are the musicians. I think the musicians in Lamoux should be also. I linger by his front door and think about setting his building alight. But I think first I will find my love. I walk down the streets. Through the lamp light. Beneath the giant Elm trees. I pass some sailors. I know I must be close to where the dancers and whores are. There is Rosemary growing from every crack and gap in the path. I turn a corner and face the last march of Gomorrah. The sight that meets me is something that even the devil would look twice at. There are Negresses naked from the waist up smiling and slinking along the street. There are men in makeup and bare feet. Some kissing. Some holding hands. There are children selling cigars. I think of my love. Slender. Tall. Gracefully turning. I draw courage from these images and move forward. I brush past the men in makeup. They make some remarks and giggle. I look around. There is loud music coming from all the cafes. It will take most of the night to find her. I look down and there on the ground is a flyer. it says Cafe Babel and it has a picture of my love on it. Dressed in a dress that looks like its made from diamonds. I stuff it into my pocket and look for the Cafe Babel. As I do so I see a man look at me and then race into a building. It is the Dark man. It is Cafe Babel. I run after him. I enter the cafe. the noise is deafening. People are everywhere. I look around. Up on the stage I see her. The most beautiful thing in the world. my angel. She is twirling and kicking. The people are all clapping and cheering. They are all watching her. my love. The music stops. She bows. I make my way to the stage. I will go backstage and take her from there. It is slow getting through the people. I watch her. The dark man approaches her. She smiles. he says something. they both look around and then she sees me. she grabs him by the arm and they run. I will follow. She doesn’t know how much she means to me.


I awoke behind bars and I stepped out into the evening sun a free man. Walking into the fresh air reignited all my senses. I could here the waves of the ocean in the distance. Smell the flowers and rotting leaves of the park. I could stand straight and feel my heart grow with the energy taken from thoughts of my love. I was making my way to her house on the river. Down past the Lighthouse to the rivers bank, past the library, through the orchard and up her steps. I knocked. A woman answered. She saw me and smiled. She said my name and said that she had been expecting me. I asked if Madam d’Bough was at home. She laughed and showed me to a room where the fire was glowing and wine was being mulled. I sat down. As did she. She told me that she was Madam d’Bough. That the last madam drowned in the river and asked her to take her role as the clairvoyant for Lamoux and my lover. I asked her how she drowned. She told me that no one knew. That some said it was murder, others said it was an accident, others suicide. Either way, she said, she was dead but only in body. In spirit she was very much real and sitting opposite me. She then told me how she went about having me released form prison. And how she and I would rid Lamoux of Malugain. As soon as she shared all of this any doubt I had fell away and I knew that this new Madam was just as good if not better than the last. I asked her when would be the ultimate time to do all this. She told me that we would have to couple first. I had no problem with this. I jumped at her and she become the new Madam d’Bough. My new love.


The Sailor came back. We were loading our ship full of goods. He asked us where we were going next. Back to the Mediterranean I told him. He asked if he and a friend could work for passage back to Turkey with us. I told him certainly. On the condition that he brings and gives me a copy of that manuscript. He seemed to think it wouldn’t be a problem. Although he told me it was in his bag at his friend’s rooms along with all his other possessions. I asked him why he wanted to leave Lamoux. He told me that he could no longer find the most beautiful thing that Lamoux once possessed. I told him that to experience beauty just once is a great thing. He just shook his head sadly and asked what day was departure. I told him. I told him not to be late as we wouldn’t wait. I told him not to forget the manuscript. This boy is too sad. It is Lamoux. It makes happy men and sad men of us all. There is no in between. And there is no telling what you will wake up. God help all those who choose to stay in the land of Lamoux.


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